PETA UK posted a video of them showing kids slaughter videos with traumatic responses - is this in anyway a form of abuse?

I understand where you are coming from, I myself am vegan. When I was younger I idolized peta and thought they were the butter on the bread; until I got older. The tactics they use are revolting to me, they are an extremist group that kills more than they save, the group is terrible in every way and if you did some searching you’d find out but because they have the money everything gets covered up. Like they say “it’s not illegal if you’re rich”. Animals being murdered is something I child should not watch either, there is a different between teaching and down right evil. This is evil and put an extremely disgusting image to vegans everywhere. People just need to be educated in the right ways and I’m sorry but this is not the right way. PETA is a terrible organization and it’s hard to see when you’re very passionate about something like you are but there are proper ways to go about things.

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