Pete Davidson was right, and he absolutely should not apologize to the Catholic Church. Anyone who still attends catholic services is complicit in worldwide child rape. Anyone who still pays tithes to the Catholic Church is helping fund cover ups and settlements for child rape. #CatholicValues

I agree, but it’s ridiculous to assert that people should completely abandon their faith base because some shitty people in a power position abused children.

If you own even a single piece of Nike clothing, you are complicit in child labour and horrific trade relations. Is this a good comparison?

A lot of you are armchair critics who don’t give back to society in the least, and feel that just paying your taxes is enough. The church is founded on charitable giving and putting others before yourself. What these dudes did is horrific and they should be disbanded and put in jail and serve their due sentence.

I think the cover up is horrible and those implicated should also serve time.

As a Christian, I volunteer, I donate to charitable causes, I am a big brother in the BBBS program, I carry extra dollars when I walk downtown to hand out. Get off your soapbox if the only people you care about are your immediate family and yourself. You don’t help us. You help you. And that’s a problem as well.

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