Peter Doshi: Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% effective” vaccines—we need more details and the raw data

Nor do we know enough about the processes of the primary event adjudication committees that counted covid-19 cases. Were they blinded to antibody data and information on patients’ symptoms in the first week after vaccination?  What criteria did they employ, and why, with a primary event consisting of a patient-reported outcome (covid-19 symptoms) and PCR test result, was such a committee even necessary? It’s also important to understand who was on these committees. While Moderna has named its four-member adjudication committee—all university-affiliated physicians—Pfizer’s protocol says three Pfizer employees did the work. Yes, Pfizer staff members

I've seen some data on the PCR test seeking protocol on AZ trial, (seemed satisfactory) but not pfizer. Not suggesting the pfizer staff may have had conflict of interest as this article seems to imply but it would be nice to know exactly what their role and scope was here. Does anyone have more info on the committee, more specifically their mandate and the decision making process they were following-?

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