Why Is Peter so favoured by everyone?

How is there a double standard when I never said anything about Bryan? I don't appreciate being called a hypocrite when I never compared the two, regarding their social media usage. I even said that I don't blame Peter for striking when the iron's hot. I never said that he changed his social media behavior after the filming. I never called him narcissistic. The other forum's words are certainly not my words. This is why it feels very unwelcoming here. Because I can't share an overly polite opinion without being attacked.

Since we're on the topic though, let's go:

1) I do find Peter very self-absorbed and attention-seeking. I think that he was very self-absorbed and likely attention-seeking before filming as well. His social media proves that to me, from the shirtless selfies to liking comments about how he is "perfection". Shawn is very successful with his City Strong events and his IG is mostly full of pictures of Kaitlyn, his family, and Doodles. He absolutely promotes his business, which is VERY successful, but he does that with pictures of his clients and himself working out. I had to go back two years to find a selfless picture. So, no, I don't believe it's necessary.

2) Bryan is likely attention-seeking and self-absorbed too. He's probably also full of himself. Most of these people are.

3) I never accused anyone of trolling on social media. I think that's usually overzealous fans who are reading too much into things. I do think that Peter's social media activity when it comes to Rachel, such as liking her IG pictures, liking "Peter/Rachel 4ever!" comments, and liking comments shading Bryan has been very...strange.

4) I think that the forum believing that Bryan posted a pool pic because they requested it shows how self-absorbed they are. I think he was just trying to clue people in on where he was and what that implied. I don't believe that's trolling, as he's telling people the "truth".

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