Petition to take away Golden Globe nominations for Sia's ableist movie "Music"

That’s the thing, though. I did acknowledge it in my first comment and I do understand why some people have a negative response. It’s right there, unedited. I just do not like the way the situation is being handled. It is just like when I talk to people in real life. Nobody meets me half way. There is only one okay way to talk about it. Sometimes people with different issues or no experience with autism whatsoever lecture me about it with the same points. There is no actual discussion of the themes or characters or colour pallet or story or anything. It does not change my response when I watch it myself. Any discomfort I feel is oddly cathartic. Her movements express things in a way I understand. I will need to watch that moment when the girls loved ones drive away in the cycle and she has to say goodbye. “These syllables are daffodils and dollar bills from the bottom of my heart, to you, poor soul.” It’s cringey, but it was like pulling a string and letting the waterworks pour after being a grey flat line for so long.

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