Petition to Oppose Women-Only Hours at the Fitness Centre

Interesting. r/adnams94, and r/adrade, you both make the fundamental claim that you stand opposed the motion based on the fact that it is explicit "gender segregation." At heart, that is exactly what the women's only pool hours and dorm measures are. There is only one pool at McGill, just as there is only one gym, and there are limited residence spaces (even if there are 15 choices). For its size, and capacity, the pool is busier than you think. Not only are students competing with each other to use it, but also clubs. Take a peak at their schedule. If you're arguing that this is explicit gender segregation - why are you not concerned about gender segregation of other services? It sounds more like you're concerned about the fact that we have one, small gym at the end of the day. This is supposed to be an accommodating measure. It exists elsewhere. If you don't want McGill to do it, you should be petitioning other places to end the policy too - and a closure, or opening up, of women's only fitness centers.

When it comes to the "the very idea that the sexes should be treated unequally is preposterous. Have we learned nothing from the last hundred years of North American history?" comment - absolutely. But remember, it's men that have always been on the winning side of gender segregation policies. Here, a group of women who cannot exercise in front of men because of their religious affiliation, are being systematically excluded from a university service. You may argue that this is their choice, and that they have to get over it, that they shouldn't push their preferences on other people, but by arguing this the way you are, you're doing the exact same thing to them by pushing your "higher" morals on individuals who practice a religion that is more than a choice. For the people who claim that religion has no place in our university, this isn't the point of the policy. There are vibrant religious communities on our campus, just as there are clubs based on a person's native country. We accommodate. At the end of the day I still think this is a net gain for the gym, and for the individuals who cannot use the gym as it stands.

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