Petition to make a server with players always flagged for PvP.

Nobody cares if you think the pvp in this game is good or not.

You do, or you wouldn't be here coming up with ways to solve the issue of most players, being players like me, and not PvP flagging because it's not a good PvP system.

there are many possible ways to prevent spawnkilling

So now we are discussing how the PvP system is bad and needs changes, or we aren't? Make your mind up.

If you're willing to just suggest changes to improve the PvP system, like the above one, you won't need a PvP server, because you'll give people like me, who do enjoy PvP, but not this current state of it, will just start PvP flagging on normal servers for you to fight! Yay!

I get it, you like PvP, but haven't thought very deeply about how to actually solve your issues and just ran blindly with the first idea that came to your mind! But stop offering ideas that just won't work.

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