Is it petty to change my mind about sex because my bf doesn’t to wear a condom? Even with BC?

You can be in the middle of having sex, change your mind, and he has to stop. You can always change your mind and it will NEVER be petty. He should understand your reasoning behind wanting condoms, not take offense. STD’s are not something you want to have to deal with (and explain to your parents about).

It sounds like he’s not allergic to latex, and latex free options do not have latex in them. You are NOT a prude for not wanting to have sex despite you guys fooling around before. When I was 16, my boyfriend and I only did foreplay, which lasted about 7 months until we had sex. That timeline’s okay, so is not waiting at all, and so is waiting years.

If you don’t feel comfortable having sex, do not do it. You aren’t ready, at least with him. It won’t feel good or be enjoyable if you feel pressured or guilted into it, and you’ll feel worse after the fact.

I also challenge that “everyone is doing it at your age”, because that’s statistically wrong. The average age to begin vaginal sex is 17 in America. That doesn’t make it bad for you two to have sex before that, but that also means you aren’t behind all your peers. I have friends in college who have long term boyfriends that aren’t having sex and are waiting until marriage, nobody judges them for that choice.

Please make this decision with your sexual and mental health in mind, don’t do it to shut him up or make him happy. Do it because you’re 1. enthusiastic about having sex with this guy, and 2. making smart decisions about sexual health.

Some STD’s aren’t curable and last a lifetime, a high-school boyfriend lying about his latex allergy isn’t worth 70 years of medication and flareups

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