Pewds, why are they not doing this?

The problem for advertisers with sweary content and grown up content is that unlike on TV, they can't really predict what individual YouTubers will do. That's the magic of YouTube but it's also the downside. It means that typical internet view based ads aren't as viable on an 18+ YouTube as other platforms. It's not the swearing they're worried about, it's the scandals and unpredictability that comes with adult content without professional producers overseeing it. Individual advertisers could still do brand deals with specific YouTubers but then what about YouTube's cut? It's a business, not a charity after all.

My alternative suggestion would be to change the YouTube Premium model a bit to allow an option for 18+ content. Offer different price tiers, starting at a very basic level to allow for adult content which would compensate Youtube for its advertising losses. For whatever reason there's been this backlash against Premium but dollar for dollar I think it offers more value for money than any other subscription service. Like how much Netflix do you watch in comparison to YouTube? For me, it's about 90\10 in favour of YouTube and premium does genuinely improve the experience drastically. It also allows you to avoid targeted ads, which are destroying the internet.

Everyone likes to rag on Youtube but they're spinning a lot of plates right now. They have an ethical responsibility with their content that they're seemingly trying to improve but they also need to run a business. For me, I pay for most services to avoid ads. I think it should become more common. The internet when you're the product, rather than the service you're using doesn't work imo anymore.

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