PFD question, sorry if it’s been asked before.

Unfortunately, they can keep it. BUT. When i turned 18 (lifelong alaskan) and my parents had told me for almost 10 years to "focus on my studies" and "dont worry about tuition, we have money put away for you for college" and then i found out all they saved was 1000 bucks, i got on the pfd website and compiled a list of exactly how much they had taken from the state for me and we came to an agreement. It 2asnt much, but better than nothing.

That being said, my parents are asshole drug addicts and i totally bluffed them into thinking they had to settle with me, or id sue. Depends on how dumb your parents are. Also consider that your parents likely spent that "extra" money keeping a roof over your head.

My situation is different, i know my parents wasted it.

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