[PFF Saints] DeAndre Hopkins vs Marshon Lattimore: 7 targets, 4 catches, 51 yards, 1 TD, 119.6 passer rating

So, it goes from multiple places to one place now.

And the smack talk was what exactly? Laughing because Saints fans cried and destroyed stuff after the non-call? I laugh at anyone who takes the game that seriously. Saying the Saints still could have won if Brees didn’t throw a pick in the NFCCG? How is that smack talk? I guess calling Brady’s TD’s more impressive since he didn’t play in a dome is, but that goes for any QB.... Made a lighthearted joke... I called Hopkins trash and their O-Line trash... so was commenting on both teams.

You take stuff too seriously. I liked the game and enjoyed Brees comeback. It was fun. I have nothing against the Saints.

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