Pfizer Begins Covid Vaccine Trial on Infants and Young Kids

Normally takes years to assess safety data and possible long-term affects--not months.

The circumstances of being in an active pandemic creating widespread panic and politicization of our medical systems/responses have put us in this crazy situation.

The bottom line is the government and pharmaceutical companies made this bed and now they're going to have to lie in it. If they hadn't engendered so much distrust over the past 100 years this wouldn't even be a conversation among rational minds and instead would just be a conspiracy among anti-vaxxers.

The public paid for this research and the results should be publicized. Completely. No bullshit about proprietary this or that. No trade secrets. In order for us to pull this one off, we need a global response with global buy-in. Whatever your personal stance is in regards to these vaccines, there's no way we can expect global buy-in when the manufacturers are demanding trust from the world's population while simultaneously locking all their secrets in a vault for profit. It's all of us or none of us because I don't see anything less working long-term.

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