[PFT] “The Saints have won 49 regular-season games in the last four years, the most wins in a four-year span by a team that failed to reach a Super Bowl.”

Yall definitely should have won if the refs made the right call, but people seem to disregard the details of that game looking back. Like how the saints had 1000 chances to take control of that game. By converting in the rz early, something they were proficient at all regular season, so they’d be up 17-0 or 21-0 rather than 13-0. Stopping a fake punt when up 13-0, that if you did stop would essentially have won you the game, or at least allowed you to take a monstrous lead for a young team on the road in a historically difficult place to play. Brees also missed a ton of passes that he made all season, one I remember particularly was an open receiver on 3rd and 16 in the fourth. You could’ve stopped Jared Goff after that awful non-call. And, after winning the toss in OT, Brees threw a gift-wrapped pick that essentially put the rams in fg range.

All in all, I wasn’t impressed with either team after that game, and knew whichever team came out of the AFC on the later nights game would win the SB. Saints were nowhere near as good offensively In those two playoff games as they were throughout the ‘18 reg season.

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