PHENOMENAL new documentary "Contraland", exposes how widespread child sex trafficking is. Every town, nation, demographic. A single sting had 5000 hits in 24 hours. Military recruiters caught, married men w/children, etc. Known elaborate networks ignored. Mass #s of children not being stood up for!

Agreed. Biologically, it makes sense for someone to be attracted to someone around the age they are able to start producing offspring. This is found all over in nature. Human women in particular are only able to reliably produce healthy offspring for about 25 years, or about 1/3rd their lives (if they make it to 75.) Then, they need to raise and protect their children for many years before the children can survive on their own, so they've got to stick around a while after giving birth. In essence, biologically, a man is logically best suited to want to procreate with a woman who's as young as possible, as long as they are old enough to reproduce.

But spiritually and morally, entering into a sexual relationship with someone so young and so far apart age-wise, and taking advantage of them, and having it be a non-consensual relationship (or the victim is way too young to make that kind of decision), is completely reprehensible. Especially trafficking these children? Branding them? Passing them around like cargo? Destroying their lives?

(Sidenote: pedophilia, in a true sense of the word, relates to prepubescent children. So a lot of what people call pedophilia is not correct.)

The people who are sexually attracted to prepubescent children--that is, children who can not reproduce--indicate a much deeper spiritual problem. And unfortunately, many people are into this as well. One thing that unites both true pedophiles and people who engage with 12/13/14 etc. year olds, is both of them often feed on their victims' energy, psychicly. They really are predators. Psychic vampires.

Spiritually speaking, and as discussed in the film, the number one trait found in men attracted sexually to little boys, is not having a loving father figure in their childhood. What does that tell us about other flavors of pedophilia? Are they all related to purely spiritual problems?

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