Phil Collin's song "In the Air Tonight" was written about you. Why? [WP]

craig cat walks to the northern front of the latest war and takes aim with his laser rocket. craig cat lately has become skeptical about the war. i came here to make difference he says. but now i am just feeling different.

when craig cat and his brother greg cat were young kittens all they dreamed about was the be soldiers. if you want to get a tough reputation and kill other people for fun without getting arrested war is where it's at. they trained ferociously and took few catnaps to show their strength and suitability. they got so good at karate and nunchaku training that where called in immediately for a job interview.

but lately craig cat has seen his cat brother become a jailbird. greg cat was arrested recently for stealing hawaiian punch out of the soldier store. he only stole a little hawaiian punch and he had a good excuse ready because he is a good and practiced liar. but still the judge sentenced greg cat to serve half of one of his nine lives in soldier's jail. greg cat also had to give up the purple heart he earned when he fought for the viet cong.

craig cat couldn't believe they could do this. he ran up to the judge to immediately file formal protestation but the judge told him to fuck off. in front of everybody too and it was embarrassing. later in a newspaper article craig cat saw that the judge had called him a little flea bitten wimp that is not even a good soldier and is so overrated. he also said craig cat must have low morals and that he will end up the same as his brother the thief: in jail for stealing hawaiian punch.

lately craig cat's aim has been off and he has not been killing as many guys. his commanding officer colonel arnold cat told him no when craig cat requested time away from the war to maybe visit his brother and heal his emotional baggage.

colonel arnold said instead of collecting your thoughts maybe you should go collect baseball cards like a normal cat. oh wait your brother probably stole those too. never mind i think instead you should collect trash off the land mine field as punishment for being a weak soldier. also fuck off.

craig cat in all his years had never been so disrespected. he had been disrespected a little but man this was so much worse. he had always done things like clean colonel arnold's laundry and also stopped colonel arnold's wife muriel cat from her plan to betray him. craig cat tied up muriel to the space satellite and sent her into space like she belonged.

as craig cat picked up the trash to clean the land mine field he knew something had to change. his bones shook like maracas in the cold windy temperatures that he could feel in the air tonight. he knew if he was going to reunite with his brother he would have to destroy the judge at home in the judge's compound. this was a tricky scenario as all of the judge's live there but craig cat only hated that one judge and well maybe a few others.

or you could steal some hawaiian punch as well said juniper cat who was a homeless alley cat who lived in abandoned ice cream truck on the mine field. but craig cat wanted to see his brother on the outside to let him against taste the freedom on his whiskers. besides he is not some lowlife who steals things from the soldier's store.

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