Phil Coulson has said some controversial stuff...

The debate that spurt out of Capitain Marvel is old and uninteresting.

I think Marvel marketing team was wrong in advertising the movie in a way that promoted divisiveness, but I reckon it was also smart as it created a lot more debate around it and many people who maybe weren't as interested in MCU hate-watched it, or watched it to make up their own minds as to what the film was. I may be among the latter group, I am starting to warm up to the movies but I wasn't so interested in captain marvel, for reasons that it's long to explain here. I ended up watching it (and paying handsomely for it, 8,5 € for a 3D version which I couldn't enjoy because my glasses broke) because I wanted to understand if the narrative surrouding it was valid. I ended up liking the story more than the character, and that's it. Huge fan of Jude Law btw.

I honestly blame Marvel a little here. They are marrying a lot of good causes, and that's commendable, but I feel like they go about it in the wrong way, allowing certain press to trigger people rather than actually stating important messages.

"women do it better" is a stupid message. For centuries we had the "men do it better" narrative, this way we are just supplanting it with a female version of it. No, women DON'T DO IT BETTER. We're all and the same. We are stubborn, stupid, interesting, funny, strong, and have value just the same as men. We should be allowed to stay in the world and do things just the same as men. If a woman choses a traditional role, staying home and looking after children, she doesn't suddenly becomes backward and a stain on feminism because of that. She just made a life choice, which has nothing to do with the way she perceives herself.

The way I understand it, feminism isn't about being "stronger, smarter, better" than men. It has nothing to do with the way we define our gender. It's all about the democratization of choices. We should have the same array of choices men have, and we shouldn't be denyied the choice, on the basis of our gender. This is the core of it.

So why I think Marvel is wrong: because their messages are very "black and white". They lack nuance and thus literally invite trollish behavior. Trolls would have no excuses if the message they sent were something like "ehy check cpt. marvel, she's a cool superhero, and she's really strong", instead of "ehy check cpt. marvel, she's the strongest superhero in the galaxy and a woman" while letting the press use the equation "she's better BECAUSE she's a woman"; or letting its detractors use this equation against them. They're at least a culprit in the radicalization of the debate, and when people go to extremes you will no longer find common ground to talk.

Also Brie made a few unfortunate remarks that further triggered the most retrogade among us. I don't know the truth behind those remarks, but I'd say why bring "white reviewers" in the discussion? Why talk about it at all? I know she was talking about another movie, but in general, why divide us between "white" and "black" and "yellow" and so on? This is also a way to divide society in slices like a cake, which I don't understand. I didn't know such a thing as a "white reviewer" existed. I know about "reviewers". "white" isn't an adjective that defines that reviewer ability to do his job. A reviewer who can't understand the social commentary in a movie, be it a movie about slavery, or about immigration, or whatever, is just a BAD REVIEWER. Period.

Coming to Clark's remarks: in light of what I said above, I think that now you understand where I'm coming from. What Clark said is probably true: these people are indeed dinosaurs, in the sense that they're retrograde and can't accept that their vision of the world is long gone, and they are wandering toward the tar pit because they refuse to move and evolve, in a way that would actually let them survive. Instead they're becoming a disappearing species, and they well deserve it. He just used an inflammatory language that is going to invite a few more trolls (not you) to call him out for it. I don't know, maybe it's necessary, after all, whispered messages don't stick. I still prefer them though.

Sorry for the long message, and please correct me if I wrote inaccuracies. I wrote it really quickly and may have missed something.

P.S. I'm from Italy so I may see things a little differently than you guys in the US. Just offering a different perspective.

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