Is Philadelphia getting too crowded? City Council president wants fewer apartments and more parking. | Inga Saffron

This kinda ignores reality. There's already the MFL and guess what? It's only used to go to work. Going shopping? Basically car only. Don't wanna be rubbing shoulders with the meth heads while holding your kids hand on the way to the store.

Meanwhile owning a car in the city is literally robbery. Full tort is $1200 for six months of insurance on a car that is hardly worth $5000 when it's literally never had a single claim made in it's entire existance. Same thing in Bucks county is $750. Then they charge you PPA sticker fees on top of that and you're not even getting an actual spot.

I don't know where I'm going with this. Everything sucks. It's going to get worse and will never get better unless we have free public parking garages.

Also just to be clear: I'm never taking the bus or the subway to go shopping. I went to college to avoid having to to schlep with three 20 pound bags when it's 45 and raining. I'd sooner take a Lyft.

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