Philippines Living Part 3

This is great, but I have liked a couple of the youtuber's better.

A simple monthly budget, calling out major categories in a table summary. Then a video tour of the place they rent. Video walk of the neighborhood. Both of those examples showed me a harsh reality that gets glossed over on the forum. One that I knew was true from my travels through Eastern Europe, Jamaica and Mexico, but seem to get lost about SEA.

For example, in Jamaica we stayed in a 5 star resort, best lodging/resort I have ever paid for (price was similar to budget lodging). But for me, seeing the poverty of the poor people that had to work there and they had the "good" jobs wasn't a fit for me. Plus, anything you had to deal with outside the resort was just a sad, sad, experience.

Alternatively, I could live in the Czech Republic, while we were rich, the people we interacted with were not in terrible poverty. Our $30/night room in a ladies apartment, that is common there at the time like airbnb, showed how well she could do with that arrangement. But her separated private space was very nice, yes very modest, but I didn't feel like everywhere I went I was ripping the locals off/treating them like slaves.

So to each their own, but I really think the pictures/videos provide a much better understanding.

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