Phobia implies fear. Why is there a word called transphobia? I don’t think any male who is upright over 6’ has a fear of trans people. We just want the subject dropped. Like do your thing in private like the rest of us. What is this insane agenda push about?

Not so much pushing it but authorizing it. I could have worded that better.

Again, I don’t hate trans people at all. I fully support their right to be accepted just like anyone else. I would never intentionally misgender someone and never have.

But minors simply do not have the capability to give truly informed consent to such procedures. Look at Jazz Jennings for example. She was exploited by her parents and put on national TV as a child. That’s not ok.

It’s possible to both be accepting of people for who they are and also understand that minors don’t understand what they’re getting into, and that big pharma has a profit to be made on vulnerable young people.

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