The Phoenix last night

Centurion: What's this then? "Romanes eunt domus"? "People called Romanes, they go the 'ouse"? Brian: It — it says "Romans go home". Centurion: No it doesn't. What's Latin for "Roman"? Come on, come on! Brian: "Romanus"? Centurion: Goes like...? Brian: "Annus"? Centurion: Vocative plural of "annus" is...? Brian: "Anni." Centurion: "Romani". "Eunt"? What is "eunt"? Brian: "Go". Centurion: Conjugate the verb "to go". Brian: Ire, eo, is, it, imus, itis, eunt. Centurion: So "eunt" is...? Brian: Third person plural, present indicative. "They go". Centurion: But "Romans go home" is an order, so you must use the...? Brian: Eeeh, imperative! Centurion: Which is…? Brian: Uh, uhm, "ii"! "Ii"! Centurion: How many Romans? Brian: Aah! Plural, plural! "Ite"! "Ite"! Centurion: "Ite". "Domus"? Nominative? "Go home", this is motion towards, isn't it, boy?” Brian: Dative! Ah! Not dative! Not the dative! Aah! Accusative, accusative! "Domum", sir, "ad domum". Centurion: Except that "domus" takes the...? Brian: The locative, sir! Centurion: Which is...? Brian: "Domum"! Centurion: "Domum". "Um". Understand? Brian: Yes, sir. Centurion: Now write it out a 'undred times. Brian: Yes, thank you Sir, Hail Caesar. Centurion: Hail Caesar. If it's not done by sunrise, I'll cut your balls off. Brian: Finished! Centurion: Right. Now don't do it again.

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