'Phoon-like' frag movie. All feedback welcome! Thanks!

Care to elaborate where you think i was cheating? Lol. This, and all my other vids, are 100% legit. I dont even use a macro, i use scroll wheel lol. Let me ask you this: what do you know about bhopping huh? Your idea of a bhop is probably some dude jumping and weaving back and forth. In reality hopping doesnt have to follow this model. Just like those cradle hops on inferno. I mean, you can even hit 2-3 perfs without strafing AT ALL. im sure you dont even know what that means because you probably never bhop or kz yet you accuse me of fake movement and hops.

ive been doing this for like ~3 years, and before you call my sync bad, i have 90% sync on my strafes with a 280+ lj. Its kinda getting tiring being accused of cheating when youre probably gold nova and know nothing about movement. so yeah, please tell me where you think im cheating and ill gladly debunk it. I also have a handcam vid ill link you when i get out of bed. Lol.

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