Was physical bullying common in your days?

I had some experiences.

  1. Was subjected to a "swirlie". Head shoved into a toilet which was then flushed.

  2. The classic being shoved into a locker. A passing teacher had to get me out.

  3. Was tossed into a 55-gallon garbage can. Then me and the can where placed on top of a pop vending machine (pretty amazing team-work by the guys on that one). Same teacher found me.

  4. Duct-taped to the underside of a bench. Two cheerleaders came and sat on the bench and acted like I wasn't there until one of them felt bad and started trying to feed me Goldfish Crackers. Some other kids cut me loose.

  5. Thrown in an irrigation ditch on my home from school.

  6. More than a couple ass-kickings.

I was kind of a special case though. Not everyone got this kind of attention. After switching schools, things were much better.

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