A physician helped me become addicted to meth. Can I report him to a licensing board even though he wasn't treating me?

Full story? Probably not. It is a long one.

Short version is we met on gay hookup apps. He chatted me up for a long time. I agreed to go over to his house. He offered me meth to smoke, which I accepted. He talked to me about injection. He showed me videos of people injecting. He told me how much fun it was and how good it felt.

At first I said no. Kept going to his house and he kept offering. He told me that it was safe because he was a doctor and knew how to make sure I didn't overdose or have a bad experience. I finally agreed and he shot me up.

He kept inviting me over and I kept accepting. Over time, he told me how hot it was to watch someone become addicted. He told me that it was fun to watch how someone became twisted and perverted under the influence of the drug. There was other stuff I don't feel comfortable talking about as well. The guy is pretty sick and twisted himself.

At no point did he force me to do anything, that is important to note. I was in charge of the experience the whole time. But he provided everything from the drugs to the syringes and shot me up himself.

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