Physician reviews by other physicians?

Our neuro-oncologists read their own imaging and generally know to compare apples to apples. You can't compare a R frontal met to a L insular gbm to a 4th ventricular subependymoma involving the floor, but they can definitely see across 1000s of cases that there are some attendings who get better resections with fewer complications for more challenging tumors, other attendings who are disproportionately prone to subtotal resections and wound complications independent of tumor characteristics, and other attendings where its a trade off: we definitely have a skull base surgeon who does very aggressive, very technically complex/challenging cases and gets more complete resections but with a higher incidence of complications, while another skull base surgeon is much more conservative and much more likely to have a subtotal resection but also has a much lower complication rate.

Since they're also often the ones referring to us they also can see who takes everything and who is cherry picks the newly diagnosed low grade gliomas.

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