Physics Questions Thread - Week 09, 2020

Let’s say a desktop computer is supported by two cardboard boxes under its front and back, leaving a gap in the middle. What’s the amount of force required by both boxes to keep the computer from flattening the boxes?

So from my understanding, the boxes and computer have their own mass. The computer is affected by gravity, so its downward force is Fg=the computer’s mass and acceleration due to gravity. Would the boxes’ upward forces’ position matter, or could we just say that Fb1 and Fb2 (upward force of both boxes) have to equal Fg to keep the computer from falling? Or is my brain 1 IQ and the answer/physic explanation is something completely different?

Is there a better physics reference than Newtonian to answer this? Asking for my curiosity.

For a reference in my physics knowledge, it made sense in high school but not as much as university (barely passed the required courses). I left my flair as Engineer because it’s my major/career goal.

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