Physique Phriday

So 2 months ago I decided to start lifting and cutting again after a year where I was busy with my studies. I was 190 lbs but lifted pretty regularly for 2 years before so I wasn't a blob of fat but I was a little flubbier than usual and losing muscle.

Fast forward to today where I weigh 180 and decided to get my dexa scan to see how much more bf to shed so I took some pics of myself in the mirror so I could see what I look like at a certain bf percentage. After my pics (one flexed another not) I assumed 15-18% because I could slightly see my abs relaxed and maybe just a bit more definition when flexed.

However after my dexa said 8.8 or 9.2 (nutritionist said the 8.8 is more realistic because that column does not include fat in bone marrow) I was suspicious because looking at bodybuilders or models online at that percentage they have way more defined abs.

So I was wondering do you think the dexa is wrong or are my abs not large enough?

Also I was planning on eating at maintenance now until Halloween if that bf from the dexa is right in order to maintain that bf and maybe put on some strength/muscle then slow bulk until February and cut to may. Do you agree or have other suggestions?

Any thing you find interesting about the scan?

Lastly, anyway to more accurately calculate my bmr or tdee now that I may know my lean body mass?



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