pick your poison baby <3

I'd stuff a cube of butter in your ass, the thick kind; eat your pussy while I wait for it to melt for an hour or two and then proceed to use it to butter a piping hot corn cob--no lube--before eating and occasionally salting the aforementioned cob of corn while I fuck your ass rotten pinching one of your nipples with the salt shaker hand until I pull out and finish on your toes--thigh-highs still on, of course--I say "you're welcome" and promptly walk out leaving the now denuded cob in your ass, thick-end first so it falls back in it you don't expel it; and you'll always think of this whenever you eat corn on the cob ... especially at family gatherings in the summertime. I won't because I do this to everyone ... for I am the great cornholio and I need TP for my bunghole.

This is OC, btw. You're welcome. <3

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