This picture of Netherlands that proofs it does have hills

We did get some though, albeit it pretty small and only 10,000 Germans were no longer German :)

Translation (DeepL) from here:

Overview of the areas annexed in 1949 (from north to south)

  • Uninhabited strips (total 0.30 km²) between Nieuweschans and Ter Apel, to improve the Moersloot and the barrier of field water from the Boertanger Veen;
  • Uninhabited strips on both sides of the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal (0.03 km²), to improve the water conditions of the Rammelbeek and customs control of a border road;
  • Northeastern strip near Losser, eighteen residents (1 km²);
  • Border road near Rekken south of Haaksbergen;
  • Uninhabited strip off Kotten (0.09 km²);
  • German settlement, 353 inhabitants (Suderwick), adjacent to Dinxperlo (0.64 km²);
  • Border inlet near the Rhine (19.54 km²) with 3255 inhabitants (Drostambt Elten);
  • Border road near Millingen aan de Rijn;
  • Devil's Mountain between Beek and Wijlerberg, to improve customs supervision (125 ha);
  • Border road near Mook;
  • Uninhabited strip of land near Ottersum (0.05 km²);
  • Border road near Siebengewald, four inhabitants;
  • Two strips north and south of Arcen, sixty inhabitants, (0.40 and 0.41 km²);
  • The neck near Sittard measuring 41.34 km² inhabited by 5665 people (Selfkant, administered as Drostambt Tudderen); Border road near Ubach over Worms;
  • Area strip near Rimburg and Kerkrade, inhabited by 134 inhabitants, including Castle Rimburg (0.88 km²);
  • Some customs errors in Kerkrade were removed;
  • Area strip near Eijgelshoven, inhabited by 110 persons (0.11 km²) ;
  • Border road near Vaals

Total number of people living first on German territory and then on Dutch territory: 9,553

But, when we combine that with the land we took from Belgium over the recent years, it does add up. Why expand only on water when there is already land around you.

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