A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words!

There you go with your tRump like answer. Your wife (unless you're gay, which is okay)"will" get there one day, but I am sure you have learned the lesson of not seeking advise on a "public forum".It is pathetic that you would use this against someone to try and gain a few points. I am still happily married after 46 years to the love of my life, and the advice that I received from "real" people was extremely valuable. As mentioned it is pathetic that you brought this up, and yes it is stalking, you went out of your way to view my profile and previous posts Now please go and enjoy your tax breaks..... BTW, for my age, I am in perfect health, great teeth, low BMI, loving life, so much you don't know about me.... Stop being radicalised by Cap't Heelspurs Enjoy your life, it is short

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