Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Preview

Yeah gotta agree on that one. Arx feels very unfinished, and like it originally wasn't even going to be part of the game. I get the feeling the game was originally going to end with just a big climactic battle after The Black Isle, but then they decided it would need a hub before the battle to do your shopping and such. Then they decided they'd need sidequests so you could still earn money and experience if you needed to. Theyln they decided, "you know what? We haven't had a particularily big civilian area yet. Let's make a giant city." So they did, and made it plot relevant. Then they got even more ambitious and made a bunch of main plotline quests.

And then they ran out of time. The economy and level scaling is ridiculous, NPC's are indistinct and spit one line of dialogue. The whole region exists between 3 experience levels and the equipment scaling is ridiculous. You already know all the abilities you'll need to know and have probably maxed the primary stat of all your characters. The battles mostly feel like cool ideas they had they couldn't fit somewhere else. And as far as the plot goes the entire region is essentially overtime. I felt like I already basically finished the game by the time I got there, but there was still this half finished city to get through...

It didn't really sour my experience much since I got so much out of it beforehand, but I remember genuinely thinking if I should just stop where I was instead of finishing it. It was like going for round 2 in sex but realizing part way through you probably aren't going to climax.

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