Pilot Pen Nib Comparisons: Vanishing Point and 2 digit Custom series (74/91/92)

Hi Mr. Junkyard

So I had a question about the 74/91/92 Fine. I got my pen the other day and to be honest I am disappointed with the out-of-box performance. My fine Metro writes much better, lays down more ink, and is far smoother. Also, I feel the non-soft fine has as much spring as the Metro which is pretty much none.

I was feeling sad but then I read an older comment you left about how much of a difference working the tines makes on the custom Fine's. I was contemplating returning the Fine and getting a soft-fine instead but I wanted to ask you a couple questions before I did:

  1. Is it really a night and day difference between a Custom Fine nib that has the tines broken in? Also, after you work the tines, do you feel your custom 74/91/92 fine nib writes better than the Metropolitan's fine (i.e. do you enjoy your custom's fine more than the metro at this point)?

  2. Between the Custom's fine and soft-fine, which do you enjoy writing with more? Writing, not drawing.

Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!!!

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