Piosolver or CREV

Hi. I started playing poker in mid april and started using piosolver in august (beat NL5-NL100) Total about $10000 winnings.

I briefly tried Crev and Piosolver before buying Piosolver Pro. I found Piosolver to be much better for my needs/skill level. It was more intuitive and easier to explore lines.

I've quit poker and reinvesting that money into other business opportunities now.

Note of warning: the main reason for why I quit poker was that I initally started with the goal of having a +money EV hobby. When I reached NL100 (running ev8bb/[email protected] hands) I got PioSolver. Not sure if it was getting PioSolver or just that I no longer played micros, but I got obsessed and poker was no longer a health hobby. I spent every moment awake thinking about bet-sizing, lines and ranges. As soon as I finished work I went home and spent some time in PioSolver, played a session, reviewed+PioSolver, and a new session.

I dont think you need PioSolver before NL200+, you can definitely beat the low stakes without using it.

Let me know if you wanna get Piosolver for half price or something.

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