It pisses me off when people can't do simple math

Yes it is obscure. Nobody who is working out simple math in their head does it like this. Nobody who is writing down the simple math they are doing in their head does it like this nobody who SHARES the simple math they just did, does it like this.

As I pointed out to another commenter. I trade Crude Oil Futures.

If I want to know how much money I will make with 2 Crude Oil contracts if I gain 10 ticks, plus 2 ticks more (accounting for slippage) and each tick per contract is worth $10.

I would NATURALLY work it out...

$10 x 2 Crude oil Contracts x 10 ticks + $20 + $20.

Everybody does that.

And if I wanted to write that down and show somebody the math I just did -- the vast majority of all people would not for some reason do the addition FIRST.

That makes no sense.

And to imagine that ANYBODY actually thinks that was is ridiculous.

Whoever came up with this obscure notion of "order of operations" which apparently means everything is batshit out of order is clearly a buffoon.

Because nobody's natural intuitive thought process works that way unless you have a mental disorder that defines up as down and left as right

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