Pitbull Attacks 11-Year-Old Boy in Jaipur, Leaves Him With Grievous Injuries; Owner Booked

Sigh.. Do you have real experience or just going by your opinions? Not everything is black and white. What I said before was to indicate not all Goldens are gentle while not all pitbulls are aggressive. Training is valuable.

I raised two Goldens since they were 10 weeks old and my second one is now 4 years old. They are adorable and friendly Yes. Doesn't mean all of them are like that. My 2nd pup was aggressive towards toy guarding. He literally bit me when he was just 4 months old as I going near his toy. Ofcourse I trained him out of it. Now even if I try to pull his food bowl away while he's eating, he looks at me with puppy eyes.

On the contrary, I have a friend who's golden gets super aggressive if anyone walks near by his food bowl. They did a sloppy job of disciplining him. He's 7 yrs old and they just got used to warning friends/visitors to behave around the dog.

I visit dog parks extremely often and have seen a decent number of dog fights triggered by Goldens or Labradors. Sure they are a minority compared to other breeds such as Shepherds and pitbulls but it's not zero. Also my dog play group has 3 pit bulls and they are better disciplined and cuddly than my dog. So stop this breed hatred.

If you want more proof, first google result on Golden Attack.

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