Pittsburgh is truly a unique place

As an artistic thinking person, I was jealous of someone in this threads ability to look at the sky here and consider it a painting, everything just sucks the soul out of me here. Maybe it’s homesickness, I’m not sure. But every person I’ve met here is ideologically on a way different wavelength than me. I guess because I’m in the older crowd, or just my line of work possibly. But there’s a very high percentage of racist, and phobic people here, and that’s just another level of disconnect for me. I did meet the love of my life here and she is the most inclusive and warm soul I have ever met. So I can’t say I absolutely hate it here, there is some nice things about it, especially the countryside in the spring/summer and the hiking trails. If you ever in your life find yourself in Charlotte go to the “rail trail” in Southend, where I spent most of my college years, and you’ll understand the culture shock I’m experiencing. Between the traffic, weather, and and general Conservative Christian populous spouting judgmental hatred being the majority here, I really don’t like it.

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