In Pixar’s Up (2009) Carl and Ellie break into their Paradise Falls savings jar in order to pay for Carl’s hospital bill, this is actually a clever reference to the fact that the American healthcare system is literal garbage.

Alright, so I make a shitty comparison, my point being is that we need to fix it, not be keyboard warriors ya fucking jackals. I mean literally, of course doctors get paid everywhere unless their doing volunteer work, I’m stupid but not that stupid. Secondly, I use to live in England, had appendicitis. The doctors wanted to take me back and do surgery immediately but their hospital administrators insisted that I wait and be put on a list because I couldn’t pay for my surgery up front. Mind you this was a “public hospital”. So I had family dig and ask all over and I ended up taking a loan from an American bank. Point is, I could’ve died, where here in America, even though it’s shitty, I would’ve had my surgery first and worry about finances later. The system all over the fucking world is broken, can we not find a way to fix it? Or find someone in the world that can actually make healthcare work for the benefit of the patient and the doctor?

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