Pixar's RenderMan software is now free for non-commercial use.

"They're just saying if you're making money using the software then give them some money" Yea, which I don't mind, but, as a "just a maker of flipbooks", I still don't know what it does or how is does it. Nor why should I care. I just want to make "flipbooks" which is more about animation than what renderman does. It is not an animation program. "Render engines take a lot of time and effort to create and improve" Yea, I'm sure so. They are out to make money. And make and make and make. But (and here's a reveal), I am working with Maya, and it has its own render-engine. I am sure it is way inferior to renderman, but the commercial doesn't (again) say what it does or how it does it. So in using Maya for my own purposes, I am sure that it can do a lot more than what I am applying myself for. But again, I am only interested in animation. "If you're really into "not paying" software developers for their time and efforts then I'm assuming you're animating in Blender or just making 2D flip-books." Oh-so wrong you are. I am very interested in paying developers for what they do and them making their work available to me. There are many of us, who are not just coming into the business, that are abhorred by the utility companies that the developers have turned themselves into by having schmucks pay into a monthly subscription to keep their computers running with their software. (Believe me, 15 years ago, I was advising many of my classmates against the passing around of crack copies of the software you are now paying monthly for.) "I'm sure most films payed for Kodak film stock since it's a physical medium, and even then you will still see credit at the end of the film as a little Kodak logo." Kodak, Agfa nor Fiji required their filmstocks to be credited and copyright issues were non-exsistance in regards to what you did with their products. "It would be like saying, "wait, you're going to give me ink and paints for free, but only if my work is also free to the public? Deal (or no deal)!" Huh? WTF "I'm not sure what you're talking about here." Why argue?

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