Pixel 4a launched in India at 30k

You are making a sweeping statement that 'Poco Camera is better than Pixel' based on a test.

I said that test applies to people who post photos on Instagram and Twitter not people who take personal photos and keep in thier own devices for memories.

Which is a lot of peoples preferences which you don't clearly respect. If I want to take photo of my trips, my children using a good camera phone and not post it on Instagram like sites it is my choice.

If a midrange camera is good enough for you it is good enough for you. A lot of people complain on communities & groups MI, realme and other manufacturers who focus on low end and mid range phones about their camera quality.

Not everyone is intellectual enough like you to understand that they don't need a better camera. We 'mere low intelligence' beings will spend more to get a phone which has a better camera.

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