Plaintext NHL standings (W-L plus/minus) in the command window.

Can you help me out here because I'm seeing a discrepancy when applying the math, granted it's way to early in the morning so I may be missing something.

So let's take two teams, A and B. After the first game of the season team A lost in overtime getting the loser point and team B lost in regulation getting no points.

Using what you have posted we would have two formulas that come out to different answers.

The "normal" formula would show team A at 2(0) + 1 + 0(0) = 1 point and team B at 2(0) + 0 + 0(1) at 0 points. So team A would be ahead in the standings which I think we can agree is what happens in real life

OP's formula would show team A at 0 - 1 + 1 = 0 points and team B at 0 - 1 + 1 = 0 points. So team A would be Tied with team B?

I just want to make sure the math pans out and I'm not missing something.

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