Plan 1919: The Entente's last, best chance.

Nope, so you can either follow devs's, Handwavium approach, or come up with your own explanation.

Personally? I see it as successful implementation of strategy which Germans were planning to use in first Jutland. Intercepting just a part of Grand Fleet with entire available might of Hochseeflotte, making as damage as possible and retreat prior to arrival of Royal Navy reinforcements.

Create a scenario in which either due to British failure or German counterintelligence, the former believe that only the Kaiserliche Marine 1st Scouting Group was being deployed, which in extreme need of any victory after Russia withdrawal from the war and disastrous Entente's offensives in the west, sounds reasonable enough for British to take a gamble and rush after German battlecruiser fleet with theirs' fastest warships.

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