Planet Zoo is, temporarily, a game about mass-producing knackered warthogs

Pokemon has win conditions, fail conditions, and things that matter towards those conditions. They aren't well balanced and the games are trivially easy but they're at least there.

A game like Planet Coaster is on another level- its balance is so fundamentally broken that those aspects of play literally do not matter, which is where I draw the distinction. It attempts to be a game and fails so hard that it is more akin to a toy. That is why I used the phrase "Their games are more like toys". On a spectrum between toy and game, Frontier's games fall closer to toy.

Plenty of games fall in various spots on that spectrum. Frontier's games lean heavily towards the toy end. Pokemon is farther towards it than the game end, too. Competitive pokemon is towards the game end. It's not entirely about challenge.

It is not gatekeeping to define concepts. Game has a definition. Toy has a definition. Both are types of play. One has rules and structure. One does not. Defining those things is not gatekeeping. Saying a game leans more towards one than the other is not gatekeeping.

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