Planning on marrying a girl but live a life of regret over missed experiences prior to relationship. Not sure if I should accept it and live a life of missed opportunity and regret or try and initiate a conversation that could ruin everything.

but it just makes me so sad that I am leaving my youth behind without experiencing any of what youth has to offer and what I feel is a right of passage. I

Mmhh, so you're sad that you've missed out on lots of lonely nights, lousy sex with strangers, anxiously awaiting STD results, time wasted on waiting someone to text you back etc.?

. I most likely will just keep living my happy life but forever be filled with resentment and regret over my life choices.

The grass is greenest where you water it. Yes, basically everyone experiences "what if" every now and then, however, they just brush it on the side and move on with life.

At what point do you think you would have felt differently? 3 women? 10? 20?

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