Planting one trillion trees could be one of the most effective tools we have to fight climate change.


It is well known, that back WAY in the past that oxygen levels where much higher. This resulted in larger insects and other differences compared to today.

Say humans, all 7.6 billion of us. each plants the 132 trees each evenly over the planet over the course of a week to reach the 1 trillion new tree goal.

I don't see how this would fight Climate Change at all. Because that many trees would as desired change the current climate. Wouldn't that cause the climate which we have experienced recently to just occur in reverse as the trees slowly mature?

As a result wouldn't insect populations of certain types experience a rapid environment change/breeding boom? Couldn't this cause a chain reaction which might not be "good" or is this 1 trillion tree thing just a matter of "fix this problem because it's not as bad as this other problem that will happen because of it"

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