Plastic rubbish being dumped into the amazon river

There is a significant difference between processing waste/recycling and just dumping it into a river.

Waste management is an illusion that the government offers people so they can free their conscience of any responsibility they feel for generating waste that will exist for another 100 generations/ continue contributing to their local economy. This guy dumping garbage in this river presents the reality of garbage: all the shit you consume and discard without a second thought ends up in the environment, and people who find this reality shocking are the same people who will forget about it tomorrow because doing something about it will never be convenient.

You are a massive pile of shit for trying to lie to people just to make yourself feel better about your inherent smugness.

I haven't lied about anything? Is it smug to call Reddit on it's pandering bullshit? Maybe you should spend less time circle-jerking the PC-tard down-vote brigade and more time making coherent statements.

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