Plastic surgeon recommendations?

Just wanted to share the 'fun' conversation I had via PM with OP.

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Dr. Michael Diaz (Melbourne) did a fantastic job with my breast reduction & tummy tuck. Although I wanted much smaller breasts that I ended up with, it was because of his decision. He told me that if he took too much tissue, my breasts would die, which of course would be bad for me.

I pushed pretty hard. I had tremendous back problems, and honestly, wouldn't have minded at the time if my breasts just dropped off of my body. I still wish they were smaller, but, to be fair, he did take a full pound out of each of them. My back is much better, and my bras are no longer $100/each. I fit better in regular clothes and feel happier overall.

Ignore the asshole sending you to a BDD clinic. You aren't spending every penny to look like Barbie or Ken dolls. You're getting some slight improvements to enhance your career and your body.

My insurance covered the breast reduction. I paid for the tummy tuck in cash, with a substantial discount because insurance had already covered the facility usage, the room, anaesthesia, expenses for post-op appointments, medication, etc.

He doesn't do much to the face other than botox.

You can trust whomever he sends you to for the face work, though. The only caveat, he had flyers in his waiting room for a photography who does 'intimate' portraits after you're fully recovered from surgery.

If it's still the same guy it was then (4 years age), he's a total schmuck. My friend worked at a salon and did cosmetics for the photo shoots, until she heard about some of the unethical shit he pulled. After that, she refused to work on anyone who was booked with him, which I am sure affected his business.

Dr. Diaz was awesome. His nurse, Freddy, was great at keeping me calm when I was nervous, etc. Dr. Diaz even came to my house the night of the surgery to check on my recovery, inspect the recuperation area, and ensure my husband was in an emotional place to remember my meds. I guess some guys fall apart in some way seeing their wives cut up.

Dr. D was checking to make sure I was close to the bathroom, on the first floor, had my feet elevated and all the right pillows to prevent blood clots. I heard later, from friends who'd had the same procedures, that he prescribed other post-op procedures that their doctors hadn't.

For example, he insisted I have some sort of pressure machine on my legs the first 24 hours to prevent blood clots. They covered me from ankles to just below my knees, and inflated/deflated every 90 seconds. I think they also circulated cool water, but not really sure.

Apparently that type of preventive care is considered 'over the top' by some doctors, and unnecessary. My research showed that 98% (a number I pulled out of my ass just now) don't need it. However, the 2% that SHOULD HAVE HAD IT, and didn't experienced terrible consequences from blood clots in the legs - including strokes & death.

So I was glad he was 'overcautious'.

You are the only person I'm sharing this with (my husband doesn't know my nekkidness is online). Here's a link to my before/after photos. (Sorry, not going to share this with everyone.)

Here's her disdainful response

[–]from kute_citten sent 25 minutes ago Sorry, but I had to stop reading at botox. If you even use that word, you have missed out on Restalyn. Anywhoo sorry I could barely deal with this. I feel like you are wasting my time.

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Considering it's been years since I've seen him or visited his website, I have no idea if he's missed out on Restalyn. Since I'm not interested in having anything done to my face, I haven't missed out on Botox.

You are on here asking for help. The only public post has directed you to a clinic for BDD. Yet you aren't even open-minded enough to read actual advice about actual surgery, because you ran into a word you didn't like?

It would have been more polite to just send 'thanks, looks interesting', than send this. It makes you look snotty, judgemental, and ungrateful. permalink

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