Plat Farming

Like I said, critters with immunuties are exceedingly rare, moreso even than critters with resists, and I don't think worth factoring into this matter. No one I know is farming stormbulls and reliant on electrical damage, for example. You are free to attempt to theorycraft around a situation that doesn't exist, but I don't think it's particularly pertinent to the discussion at hand.

You posted your testing, but I disagreed with some of the experimental design. We spoke about this.

You are also now talking about farming at all ranges, which isn't really how things work, since not all critters drop loot equivalently, and to farm more effectively you're better off climbing the critter ladder. Personally, I'd place Necros higher than you did, since they'll also be able to skin critters more effectively than the survival terts will, which is an enormously significant source of money.

If you want to theorycraft 'how to farm plats most effectively', just take a page from Larry - more is better. More characters killing with AoE. Everything else is moot - once an alt can sell pouches and/or pop boxes, what guild they are is irrelevant.

You seem to have your mind made up about this though, despite having ever played characters to HLC ranges, so I'm not really sure what else to tell you. You don't seem to accept (or realize?) that many players don't bother with AoE Cyclic TM for anything outside the purposes of training TM quickly, because it tends to kill faster than spawn can keep up, and thus nerf all other training. If you have two at level characters with an aoe cyclic TM CAST AREA, you're going to end up with a lot of time wasted sitting around with no critters in the room. Cyclic AoE TM doesn't divide the total damage, it just applies it to all critters. Hence the cap of 6 targets.

Again, that's why you need the generators.

Sure. So what? If you're just parking alts in the room to generate more critters, then that works too. What guild they are is irrelevant.

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