Platonic friend (23F) I kinda like took me by surprise when she said she wanted to travel alone with me (29M). No idea what her plans are, don't want to risk our friendship by assuming or asking bluntly. Help?

Ask her if she has time to meet up to plan the trip before you go away as there are some things you want to discuss before you go. When you meet up just be honest with her about how you feel about travelling together and explain that you want it to be a great trip for the both of you without any unwanted tension.

If she is prepared to travel alone with you she must trust and respect you or she would never consider travelling with you however she is probably having the same doubts and concerns that you are.

I'm sure she would rather go away with you with a clear idea of how the trip is going to go and knowing that you are both of the same mindset regarding the trip, there would be nothing worse for both of you than being away with together and not knowing what each others intentions are, you're both adults and if you cant communicate effectively it would be better if you travelled alone.

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