I play video games & gf thinks i don't spend enough time with her. me (24M) gf (27F)

Yes. Everyday....see here's the thing.... You think your talking and holding a conversation but your brain can't really do that so you stall mid way through. You'll say ok ok just give 10 more minutes but that really means hours. Your going to play for hours and she is going to wait or do things that irritate you for attention.

And she, not being a gamer doesn't get it. It took me years of trying to get my husband to look up and be present before I realised that ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. He will always go back to them and I'll always feel second.

I've never understood it and I have A LOT to say about it but you being the gamer in this situation I can say you and she will be better off finding someone who likes and understands your interests.

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