I 'played' with a bra left by the previous tenant in my apartment. [NSFW]

Back when I was 12, I stole a used panty from our single 7/10 Music teacher. She was the girl's dorm Dean and have her own private bathroom.

Back at 2010 our teacher insisted to show Sounds of Music in her place. While she and the other kids where busy setting up the player I asked her directions to the closes bathroom. Knowing that she cant send me to the girl's dorm general bathroom, she gave me directions to her private bathroom.

*Note: Just before I continue, I want to make things clear that I didnt have plans on stealing any panties prior asking directions.

But everything changed as soon as I stepped inside her bathroom. Time just suddenly slowed down as the SMELL, THE SMELL, neither bad nor was it good, but I assure you the smell wasn't dried up males urine. It was unique. Even her strong scented lavender soap couldn't mask the powerful aroma. Damn, even to this day, just the imagination of the unique odor still give butterflies in my gut.

I quickly traced the scent leading to the far right end corner of the little bathroom. To my surprise, she has soaked panties on the floor in a half-full pail with detergent, I soon recalled that she goes out for a run every morning to stay in shape, the thought alone of obtaining of such recently used treasure just gave me the goosebumps. But the scent does not lead to the floor, but to a little cup holder thing that usually stays just beside the shower.

I placed my hand in, it was deep, and grabbed tightly to whatever it was...then...


It wasnt just her used panties, but her "just went out for a run this morning" used panties. For 2 seconds, I was in pure bliss, but hell, it felt like a freaking day in that moment. Think about this, among all my male high school peers, what are their odds of getting this far? What are their odds!? I sure love to contemplate, but time was against me, surely, for a kid using someone's bathroom with their private stuff just in plain view wouldnt not warrant the owner to check the kid from time to time, specially knowing that the dean was a young woman and the one using her bathroom was a 12 yo horny kid?

I hurriedly plunge my hand back in as deep as I can, SEARCHING for the smelliest one of all! (while having a raging boner). But there were only 5 in there, 3 lost its beautiful odor and the last 2 is still fresh, how fresh? Partially wet fresh. But I only have to pick 1, so that I wont drive any suspicions. I visually inspected both panties based on its quality and wetness, and soon I have picked 1. (the other one has a little scat in it so it didnt really take too much time).

Now for the moment of truth... how do I get away with this? How do I step out the door w/o awkwardness leaking through me, let alone the smell leak? With quick thinking, I pulled out my hanky and placed the panty inside my pocket, I make it sure that I neatly folded to as flat as I can and carefully placed back my hanky on inside with half of it exposed. The visual illusion has fooled me, but I cant tell if it does show anything from afar. To further lessen the awkwardness, I ran few drops on my pants half way through the ankles and simulate stroking the bottom of my pants as if I accidentally had water drips bouncing back from the toilet.

So when I actually got out, I was expecting a crowd with piercing eyes waiting of judgement, but no ones there. They were actually still setting up the freaking player and to my astonishment, I was only 4 mins in there... huh...

No one suspected anything, everyone didnt know that I even went to the bathroom! I strolled past my classmates and went to the back of the showroom. I picked up my bag, and went outside to finally transfer the treasure. I went back in with my huge ego, such an event that I have pulled off and no one ever suspecting... no one...

I had the panty for 6 months, I had it on zip lock to contain the contents, until, it lost its moisture and aroma, I burned it, along the memories with it.

REally sorry for the English, its really not my 1st language.

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