Player Damage Against World Bosses or "Drakkar is super tanky and not pulling your weight in the fight makes it more likely to fail"

See here the issue! The way you look at it had been the way world bosses have always been. Since the addition of a dps meter most of the hardcore have been carrying. However a large part of the factor of dps is the boons you have innately through your traits and skills and your fellow Zerglings. With those same 3 people you could run a Quick FB and Condi alac and a plague doctor scourge. All 3 we probably out dps the average player as you said before however, those 3 classes combine will increase your squad dps more that you playing 3 straight dps classes. Perma quick, alac, 25 might. As a “hardcore” player part of our goal should be instead of bashing casual, should be to carry them with support instead of just pure dps.

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